Septic Tank Emptying, Service, Repairs, Installation in Dorchester

Septic Tank Emptying, Service, Repairs, Installation in Dorchester

Septic Tank Service, Repairs, Installation

Septic Tank or Soakaway Problems in Dorchester?
We are the experts in fixing septic tank or soakaway problems . Other causes of Septic tank problems include a change in ground conditions (ground becoming too wet), ground movement, and weight damage from vehicles or even hydrostatic pressure. If you are concerned about your Septic Tank contact us before your next empty. We can time our visit to ensure we can properly evaluate how the septic tank is functioning and advise you whether you need to take action. However, if your tank has popped out of the ground you should contact us immediately.

Septic Tanks

Sherborne Drainage offer a comprehensive range of installation & repair services, to assist with everything from new builds, property extensions, pipework upgrades, septic tanks, repeat blocked drains to collapsed pipe work. We take great pride in providing a solution for any drainage request quickly and efficiently then undertaking the necessary repair again quickly and efficiently to minimise any disruption to the drainage service.

Sherborne Drainage undertake a thorough assessment, including CCTV investigation to ensure we understand the full extent of the work required. We will then continue with the most appropriate and cost effective methods.

Septic Tanks & Sewage water treatment plants

Rules for existing and new treatment systems;

You must use a small sewage treatment plant to treat the sewage if you’re discharging to a surface water source such as a river or stream. A small sewage treatment plant (also known as a package treatment plant) uses mechanical parts to treat the liquid so it’s clean enough to go into a river or stream.

Discharges from septic tanks directly to a surface water source are not allowed under the general binding rules.

Where properties with septic tanks that discharge directly to surface water source are sold before 1 January 2020, responsibility for the replacement or upgrade of the existing treatment system should be addressed between the buyer and seller as a condition of sale. If you are in any doubt we can conduct a Pre-acquisition survey and advise you accordingly. For more information on this service visit the CCTV page on our website.

If the Environment Agency finds evidence that your septic tank is discharging to a surface water source and causing pollution, you will need to replace or upgrade your system.You will usually have to do this within 1 year, although this will be agreed on a case-by-case basis.

Alternatively, to the above you may be able to:

• Install a filtration system to treat the waste with in the septic tank.

• Install a drainage field (also known as an infiltration system) so the septic tank can discharge into the ground instead of replacing your septic tank with a small sewage treatment plant.

We are here to help and advise you through this process so you are compliant in time.

For full information about Septic Tanks rules visit;

Septic Tank Problems

The most common problems with septic tanks arrive due to improper maintenance. Your tank should be emptied following the manufacturer’s recommendations.

If you are unsure about this we can help you but as a general guide, you should empty your septic tank when the level of sludge reaches 50% of the tank’s volume.

As most people won’t know how often this is, as a guide for an average household of 4 people, you be be looking to have your septic tank emptied annually. Failure to do so will lead to suspended solids passing through to the soakaway leading to and blocked pipes and stone.

Common signs and symptoms that your tank is not working properly or needs emptying include:

  • A strong smell of sewage in the area

  • Your sinks, toilets and baths drain slowly

  • Polluted water in a ditch or watercourse

  • You see overflowing from inspection cover

  • You notice surface flooding “downstream” from the tank

  • There are nettles and vigorous plant growth “downstream”.

If you think you have a problem or just need a health check to make sure you are not going to get any nasty surprises in the near further then get in touch.

Why choose us for Septic Tank Service , Repairs , Installation & Emptying in Dorchester?

  • Fast call-outs and we quote the same day.
  • We use the latest technology in the field such as cctv drain cameras, trenchless digging technology and ground penetrating radars.
  • We will work without causing disruption to your property and also fix anything if need be.
  • Sherborne Utilities have all the accreditations and all our staff is qualified and work at the highest standards.
  • We serve all of Dorset, Somerset, Devon & Wiltshire.
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